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First Grade Owls


This lesson is always a hit! Students look at pictures of owls and create a portrait of an owl of their choice. It ties in with their owl unit in science where they dissect owl pellets and learn about owls.

Grade One students at my new school did not have chalk pastels available so we did these with oil pastel. They are still lovely. I always enjoy seeing the personalities of each owl come through.


Clay Wall Pockets


My mother has a clay wall pocket hanging in her dining room that my brother made in elementary school. I have always loved that little bit of clay goodness and was excited to be able to do it with my students. I told them the story and said that they might want to do an extra good job because one just never knows how long their art might hang in their family home.

Students rolled out a rectangle piece of clay. Added texture then folded and pinched. I encouraged them to make sure the sides were well attached and then they poked two holes and wrote their name on the back.

making the pocket

We are using Mexal Air Dry Clay by Laguna that I discovered a while back at the Mingei.

wall pocket close up

They are super fun to make especially when using lots of texture tools (shells, potato mashers, buttons, forks, etc.) and with some organizing, they were easy enough to complete in our 45 minute class period.

So fun to revive an old 70’s clay lesson!

wall pockets

We did pop a bit of brown paper towel in the pocket to make sure it didn’t collapse while it dried.  That’s it! So easy and so much fun.




I have a wonderful opportunity to teach weekly art to a group of students. These ponds were done at the request of a teacher to go with their grade levels pond unit.

These students get art with me for about 30 minutes each week. I started by telling the kindergartners about Monet and his water lily paintings. They created theirs using oil pastel and water soluble markers which they painted with water.


The next week, we made the green backgrounds. We talked about texture. I gave them green, yellow, and blue paint, forks, and my infamous paint daubers (sponges clipped to a clothespin).

texture greenyellow-texture.jpg

The week after that, they cut the ponds into a “pond shape” and glued them on the background and added cattails and dragonflies.

adding-the-pond.jpgpond2pondpond frog butyterfly

The last week, we added butterflies and frogs. I think they came out just stunning and will be great for their open house celebration.

Texture Leaves Fall Trees


32873982 (1) 32873307

The K/1 students drew trees in crayon then used the texture plates today to create leaves for fall trees.



They first colored small squares of paper using the texture plates.


Once complete, they cut out leaf shapes. They then glued them onto their trees.

IMG_4330 IMG_4333

They could add grass , sky and other things if they wanted to but only a few did that. If I were to do this again, I think I would use colored paper rather than white.

32873874 32873328 (1)

I love how different they all turned out.

32873265 (1)

Preschool Pulling Paint and Making Patterns


photo (65)   30533916

The 3 year old preschool comes to see me at the end of the day. Today, the kindergarten classes created barns and farms with tempera paint. Not one to waste my supplies, I thought about how the amazing 3’s could use the leftover paint. I thought about all the things we work on in pre-k, eye hand coordination, using different tools, using different mediums, creating patterns, etc. etc. So I created this  pulled paint, plaid pattern lesson.

photo 1 photo 2

First they dipped a scrap of cardboard into the paint and pulled it across their paper. They could go both horizontally and vertically if they wanted to.

photo 4  photo 3

They loved it! Then used forks to add texture and added dots and lines. They had so much fun that I think I will do it again with the pre-K 4’s!

30533924 30533889