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Swimmers and Surfers


To get into the summer spirit, we looked at images of people swimming, surfing and lounging in, on, or near the water.


Students could choose the beach, a lake, or the pool. Their characters could be swimming or surfing.


We talked about foreground, middle ground, and background as well as how to show that they were sitting in or on an inner tube or how to show someone surfing or carrying an inner tube.


They used oil pastel for the people and tempera cake for the water.


Rainbow Fish


TK students listened to the book Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. We talked about the shape of the fish and I demonstrated different ways they could draw the fish and the scales.

Once they drew the fish, they added details to the sea floor and painted with tempera cake.

Saint Nicholas


Grade one students are all about Santa Claus or St. Nicholas this time of year. We decided to honor the actual Saint in these drawings.


We learned a little bit about the history of Saint Nicholas and students drew these images in black staonal crayon then painted with tempera cake.

Birds: Kevin Henkes and Laura Dronzek



I did this lesson a few years ago as a collage project. I love¬†illustrator Laura Dronzek¬† images in the book. For this lesson, I had planned my shape birds for K thinking it was a “B” week for art but alas, it was “A” week and instead of a pile of Kinders popping into art, it was First Graders. Yikes! That’s what I get for not double checking my phone calendar.


Anyway, I had tempera cake, black crayons and skinny paper and immediately tried to think of things that were spring themed and could be done on the skinny paper. Laura Dronzek’s birds seemed perfect.

I always start my lessons with younger students with guided drawing for those who want that sort help. I also tell my students that they can move ahead if they have a plan. The only “rule” for this lesson was birds and trees.