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Positive and Negative Prints


This was a super tough lesson to complete in just one hour but my fourth graders did it with only a few bumps in the road.


There are over 100 4th graders so I had them adhere their positive pieces on one side of the pre-cut cereal box and negative on the other creating a 2 sided printing plate.


If the kids were good at puzzles and spacial relations assembling the plate was a snap.


If puzzles were a challenge, we decided that it made for a perfect growth mindset. (Embrace challenges, persist in the face of set-backs, mistakes help me learn, this may take some time, etc.)


We used sticky back foam sheets and cereal box cardboard for our printing plates.

I ran out of sticky back foam but had a few sheets of sticky back felt. It was not as successful but it was all we had. It did make for some great texture but they slurped up too much ink and they had to press really hard to get a print.