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Year of the Dog Grade 4


I love the animals of Chinese New Year and I always try to come up with something fun.


For 4th graders, I had them cut circles from white construction paper, and silhouettes of dogs from black construction paper.


They added patterns to the circles and put their  dog silhouette on top. I found silhouettes of dogs online that they could refer to.




Sailboat Silhouette



My students and parents LOVE this lesson. I do this one with First Grade. This year, I did the lesson with Grade 1 and the Grade 1 and Grade 2 Combo classes.


I think it always turns out great. The nice thing about this is if they make a mark they do not like, they can just color over it and it becomes a bigger boat or another sail. It also reinforces how to draw basic shapes.


This year, I had extra wide sharpies which made it easier for my students to color in large sails or large boats.



I think one key to success is to make sure the students go slowly around the outside and then they can move quickly when they are in the middle of the image.


Sailboat Silhouette


5849237   5849221 

I have been doing these for years-they were a variation on a lesson in the Art Attack program that my daughter’s school adopted many years ago. I usually do this with First Grade but you can do it with just about any age group and can change the silhouette subject.

Silhouettes and watercolor are fun and they look pretty.


Students first draw their sailboats with a permanent marker. A great way to reinforce shapes. (triangles, trapezoids, half circles).


Then they paint shadows under the boats.

Then they paint the sky in warm colors.

Then they paint the sea in cool colors.




For second grade, one year, the students did dinosaurs-warm ground, cool skies. Same lesson-different subject.

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Olympic Silhouettes



This lesson was based on one I had seen from Clayton Elementary School.

For this lesson, students used clip art images of winter sport silhouettes. They first drew the image in permanent marker then fractured the background into sections.

silhouette b&w           IMG_1946

Once complete, they used watercolor to fill in.

silhouette hockey snowboard