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Paper Bag Books



My students LOVE making books.  This paper bag book is pretty simple to make with easy to find materials. It can elaborate or simple.

To begin, you need paper lunch bags. A package of 100  bags is about $4 and each student uses 3-4. If the students are going to paint the pages, it is easiest to do that before the book is assembled but can be done either before or after.

Place the paper bags in a stack alternating the bottom flaps to reduce bulk. You may also choose to put decorative papers between the pages or in the center, if you choose.

You can staple them on one edge, or in the center or stitch them again down the center or on one edge. Sewing or stapling will depend on the age and ability of your students. For this small group of 4th graders, they stitched them using a simple three hole binding stitch and some twine I had in the art room. We punched the holes with a nail before sewing.

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2)

Bags may be painted, collage, cut and folded to achieve different looks. For this lesson, we used pre-painted bags for the cover. Students assembled the book then added collage elements from magazines to the inside. They wanted to fill the books with summer vacation memories.

photo 5  photo 1    photo 3


Burlap Stitching


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Grade one students used yarn and burlap to create these stitched images.

Students  used a template and chalk to trace a heart, circle (for the sun) or star. They used blunt darning needles with the yarn. I taught them how to create a simple running stitch.  Once complete, we used chopsticks and yarn to create a hanger. I did serge the edge of these so they would not fray but preventing fraying can be achieved with simple sewing, a line of glue or even tape.