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Giraffes Primary Spots, Secondary Backgrounds


I did these with my 1/2 combo class. I demonstrated how to draw a giraffe. They painted the giraffes with primary colors and the backgrounds in secondary colors.



Kindergarten Primary Shapes, Secondary Backgrounds


48719687My K students LOVE to paint. They like to paint paper, people, tables, you name it, they’d paint it. We do talk often about “we paint paper, not people” but you know there is always a couple of kids who paint their hands or their neighbor.



To get that out of their system,  I try to do a lot of paint projects with them. We only have 30 minutes together so it is a whirlwind especially when no one is there to help wrangle any of the 27 student classes. I can do it on my own and often do but Whew!






For this lesson, I demoed how to draw 4 basic shapes. We talked about the primary colors and they painted the shapes. We then talked about secondary colors and they painted the backgrounds.


Mouse Paint


mouse paint

This lesson has been around in varying forms for years. I start this lesson by reading the Mouse Paint Book by Ellen Stoll Walsh then direct the students in a guided drawing lesson of a mouse. I am not a big fan of everyone’s art looking exactly the same but I do like students to learn how to draw things. On occasion, I do directed drawing lessons to reinforce how to look for shapes and lines in an object and how to determine where to draw those shapes and lines to create the image they want to create.

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Once their mice are drawn, we talk about primary colors and secondary colors. We talk about how mixing  primary colors makes secondary colors. I talk to them about how they will mix the paint on their paper using two fingers. I walk around the room and squirt a small amount of two primary colors onto the paper. Using two fingers, students mix the primary colors to make secondary colors.


They wipe their fingers on a piece of damp towel. We repeat the process until we have mixed green, orange and purple. I love that all their mice look so different and that some students choose to dance across the paper while others just like to mix the paint together.