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Alma Woodsey Thomas Rainbows


I really like the work of Alma Thomas. Her art is cheerful and fun with lots of color.

“Thomas became an important role model for women, African Americans, and older artists. She was the first African American woman to have a solo exhibition at New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art, and she exhibited her paintings at the White House three times.”

12718231_1166710770013543_2890480501682841151_nDoing a lesson based on the work of Alma Thomas is a great choice for February and March when we study Black History Month then Women’s History Month. 


It was a great project to supplement the Kindergarten classroom lessons about weather and rainbows.



We did these with my clothespin and sponge paint daubers that I made after seeing them in a preschool classroom.


Rainy Rainbow



The kindergarten team was learning about rainbows and weather and this lesson was perfect.


I saw a rain image similar to this somewhere on the internet and thought it would be perfect if we added a rainbow.


Oil pastel and water color was what we used to create these images.


Students of course loved the AH! moment when the oil pastel popped through the black  and blue paint.