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Putz House


I used to do after school art classes. We charged a nominal fee to cover costs and students made some amazing art along. My favorite year was the year we did holiday gifts. I had come across Putz houses at a Vintage Boutique shop in our area. I just knew my students would love them. There are loads of patterns out there on the internet and I tried to find the easiest ones I could knowing I would be doing most of the heavy lifting. These were done by 2-5 grade students.

I brought in the pre-cut patterns, tissue, and battery operated candles. Students added color, details and a bit of glitter. We used cereal cardboard and only 90 minutes. More time would have been ideal.

One student took theirs home and embellished with loads of extras. I love that this student enjoyed the project so much that she made another one with her family and friends. I think they are simply stunning.