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Printed Flowers



Preschoolers drew stems in green crayon and then printed using paint with blocks, lids and forks to create these printed flowers



Rainbow Fish



Our School is participating in the Compassion It Program.


Rainbow Fish seemed like a great art project for our Compassion It week. This lesson was done with my preschool students. In the story, Rainbow Fish learns that sharing helps make friends.


I did a directed draw of Rainbow fish. Students used black crayon to draw, oil pastel to fill in the color and liquid watercolor for the water.



Printing with Blocks


50093206I recently attended the Mingei Museum’s Educator Open House. They often have leftover art supplies that they give out. Pretty much anything you can carry out of that room can be yours. I have oodles of supplies so I only took a few items. One of which was a bag of foam blocks.


There were not enough for a class set but I was able to cut them in half with my ceramic knife and supplement the project with old math manipulatives.

The preschool students and I talked about all the shapes, we named them, we looked at them, we talked about how some shapes fit into other shapes.


It was a fun discussion. They were given plates of paint with only one color and a few blocks. My tables fit 8 students so we used primary colors plus green. Students always share supplies in my class which helps me keep my supply budget low.

Students stamped as many of the shape in one color as they wanted to then we rotated the plates until every color had been used. art


Georgia O’Keefe Flowers



Who doesn’t love a gigantic flower in the style of O’Keefe?


For this lesson, Pre-k and TK students learned about Georgia O’Keefe. We looked at samples of her work as well as flowers. They used oil pastel to draw centers.


They could do dots or circles or however they saw the flower centers then they drew wiggly lines off the page for the petals.


They used liquid water color to paint them. Such an easy lesson with great results for all artists.


Pattern Quilts


I did this project with our TK and Preschool Classes. I had mistakenly cut some colored construction paper too small and needed a way to use it up.


I showed the students a book called The Keeping Quilt by Patricia Polacco.


And we talked about quilts, patterns and how people look when they sleep.


I also showed them images of quilts.


I love all the different patterns and colors they came up with.




IMG_6166 IMG_6167

I have seen several different mixed media jelly fish. This is my version created for the PM4 Preschool class. They are a very capable group with excellent art skills.

IMG_6206 IMG_6164

I was gifted a large amount of cardboard scrap so I cut it into half circles and gave it a swab of white tempera. I also have a roll of this cool looking iridescent paper that is from some business machine that was gifted to me as well. I cut that into strips. I also cut up pieces of yarn for the students. 


When students arrived, they used the string and the paper to add tentacles to bottom of the half circles. I have already cut a few slits in the bottom so they could push the yarn or paper into the slots. I told them it was like flossing teeth. They then painted the half circles with glitter paint (another donation) and added foam shapes and googly eyes.

IMG_6169 IMG_6168

Once dry, I added a craft stick so they can use them as puppets.

Bumble Bee


IMG_6192 IMG_6193

Again using gifted cardboard, we created these bees. Three year old preschool students were gifted lengths of yellow and black yarn to wrap around an oval cardboard.

IMG_6180 IMG_6175 IMG_6176

Once complete, they added wings (that had been pre-cut from donated paper) and wiggly eyes. One class told me their bees needed stingers so I got them some black paper for that. One child even added a mouth. I love when they teach me!


Earth Prints



I have been doing a version of this lesson for several years. With older students, we usually add a writing element-their wish for the earth, a poem, something about earth day or recycling. You can make this as complicated or as simple as you like.

This year, I tried it with the 4 year old preschool students. They started by drawing dots all over black paper to create the stars.


They painted the back of a plate with white, green and blue paint. Then pressed it onto the black paper, gave a twist and voila! a print of the earth.