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Carlsbad Flower Fields



A lesson like this on perspective with tulips has been around for eons. The students draw a line across the top of their paper, choose a spot for the vanishing point then draw a series of lines that from the vanishing point off the page.

I like to link this lesson to Vincent Van Gogh and our local flower fields. I tell the students a little about Van Gogh, we look at some of his art and then I tell them the history of the flower fields and we look at pictures of the flower fields.6335746163357500

Then they create their own version and try their hand at the perspective. I do this with first grade. This year, we did this with oil pastel and tempera cake. For some reason, we are just about out of blue pastel and I wanted them to be able to have a blue sky if they wanted to. I did order more blue pastels after this lesson.


The Frog in the Well



There is a Chinese fable called The Frog in the Well. It is perfect for second graders who are learning about fables, folk tales and stories with morals.


The book I found has a great image by Roger Duvoisin.


I shared this with the students. They created perspective drawings as if you were looking up out of the well (like the Duvoisin image). They added turtles and frogs with green paper.