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Gabrielle Munter


Fourth Graders looked at the landscape work of Gabrielle Munter and learned about her life. We talked about the rule of thirds, foreground, middle ground, and background as well as perspective. They used black crayon to sketch their outlines, added oil pastel for small details and tempera paint for color.

Once complete, they went over the out lines with black oil pastel.

Clouds and Black Mountain


Fifth graders study clouds and I thought it would be fun for them to paint them. As the students walked in, the teacher asked what we were doing, I said clouds and Black Mountain. He said we just learned yesterday about Lenticular clouds.  The timing was so perfect.


We have a local mountain that can be seen from many of the upstairs windows and the school parking lot.20161206_160453.jpg

It is called Black Mountain.It is 1,500 feet.


The top is covered with various radio and other antennae. It is covered in scrub brush and has dusty trails and loads of rocks but people love it for local hiking and mountain biking.


I thought we could put the two together: the mountain in our backyard and the study of clouds. We talked about all kinds of clouds and looked at pictures of clouds. We talked about clouds in art and looked at work by Beirstadt and O’Keeffe among others


As always, I did the demo, told them my thoughts about it and let them have a latitude of choices. I suggested Black Mountain but the kids could choose any landscape they desired.


Some kids chose Whistler or Half Dome- yes, this artist made sure I knew that Half Dome is NOT a mountain. I even had some choose to create beaches.


My only real requirement was that they had to paint some clouds.


Desert Landscape



Most of the grade one classes study the rain forest when they study an ecosystem. This year, when I asked this class, what they knew about the rain forest, they said they were studying the desert.


I did a quick change up to this lesson. We pulled up images of the desert to look at.



Students used oil pastels for cactus to make it appear waxy and slightly shiny. They used chalk pastels for the background to give it a dusty dry feeling. They could add an animal if they chose to in whatever medium they chose. 39121338

Southwest Images



The teachers in Grade 5 had asked me to do a South West lesson they had seen on the Artsonia website. I could not find the lesson so this is what I did with the grade five students.

38337864  38337949

Students looked at images from our Southwest National Parks-Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Canyon Lands, Arches, etc. Some students chose to replicate the images they saw, others took a more creative approach.

38337765 38337701

We talked about the landscape and the features they might want to include. They used black crayon to outline the images and filled in with chalk pastel. 38337920

Heather Galler Landscapes


31357609 31357631

Have you seen Heather Galler’s work? It is beautiful! I came across it when I was searching for images of Art Dog to show the students at school. Of course, it took me on a search and I discovered her website and her etsy shop.

I showed my students images of her folk art landscapes and they created their images in a media of their choice. I put out markers, crayon, oil pastel  and colored pencils.


I even got out the texture rubbing plates for the students who wanted to try them.

Landscape with poppies


30099960 30100111

Landscape painting is one of my quick “anyone can have success” kind of projects.

My Kinders only have a 30 minute art slot and I have no way to store 100+ paintings from week to week  so it is essential that we finish a project  and be successful. When they walk into the classroom, all supplies are on the desks ready to gopaint brushes, paper, water cup, sponge and black oil pastel for their name. I get the paint plates ready before they come in and have a table with all the paint on it that they pick up after we talk about our plan for art.

30100010         30099891

I spend about 5 minutes talking about art history, a specific artist or having them look at a photograph or a piece of art and then we jump right in. In this case, we talked about impressionist artists then did a bit more step-by-step method to get the background in.

First, students looked at the work of landscape painters: Monet, Van Gogh, Bruce, Breck, Merse, Vonnoh -primarily Impressionist and all with red poppies in them.

Once they observed the work, we talked about what they noticed (color, size of the flowers, people in the picture, tress, etc.) we also talked about the horizon line and how to create texture.

First students painted the sky with a large flat brush.

photo 2

They cleaned the brush then used green and bounced the brush to create a textured,grassy field.

photo 3

I showed them how they could add clouds to the sky with the small round brush, if they wanted to.

photo 4 (2)

Then they added the red poppies or white or yellow if they chose to. They could add centers to the flowers or not-again their choice.

photo (64)

They added additional details as time allowed and if they chose to-trees, roads, etc.

I even tried this same lesson with our 3 year old preschoolers. The 3 year olds did such a fantastic job that we did it again with the rest of preschool .Here is the preschool  work table and one of their completed landscapes.

photo (63)  30099194 (1)