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Bugs in Boxes



Second grade usually does an insect unit. They learn about insects and their body parts. Every year, I do something a little different, it seems.


This year, the students drew about five boxes. They then put different bugs in each box.


The bugs could be real or imaginary.


I have a bunch of plastic insects from my children that I bring in for them to look at if they want to.


They could color the bugs with marker, pencil, or oil pastel.


When finished, they painted the space in between the boxes with brown paint to look a bit like wood.




Collage Bugs



Second Grade is all about bugs.They love them, they learn about them, they have them in their classroom, they occasionally bring them in to to show me.


I will long remember the boy whose mom brought in a praying mantis as it was unfolding from its egg case. Definitely a second grade highlight.


Anyway, these are done with paper scraps. We talk about bug parts: antenna, legs, wings, pincers, mouth parts, etc. We also talk about symmetry, creativity, and having fun. If they choose to, they can name their bug with cool names.


I do start them out with a rectangle that they can fold in half and cut to use for the head, abdomen, and thorax.


The rest of the parts are created from my giant bags of colored scrap collected from other teachers and the die cut machine.


Insect Photo Booth


laura park insect photo booth

When I saw this “teeny tiny insect photo booth strips” art by cartoonist Laura Park, I knew that it could easily be adapted as a lesson for second grade to complement their insect unit.

More of her work can be seen here-http://singingbones.com/

For this lesson, I gave students plastic insects as reference. They were to imagine what would happen if an insect went into a photo booth. They could make them anthropomorphic and could add accessories like hats, glasses, scarves, etc.

Students used long strips of paper and first drew four squares. Once complete, they went to work creating four images for their photo booth pictures. We used water color paint for color. They were not done as miniatures.


One teacher I work with mounted the finished work to construction paper and had students write captions for each image.