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Colonial Signs


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Part of the social studies for 5th grade is studying the Colonial period.

For this lesson, students used scrap cardboard and tempera paint.


Students looked at images of historic and reproduced colonial signs noting what things should be included as well as noticing the spelling of words.

Students drew a quick sketch to lay out their designs. Once the sketch was complete, they drew images onto the cardboard then painted their sign.

Some chose to cut the cardboard, others did not. To make sure we had lots of diversity, the classroom teacher assigned colonial jobs to their students.

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Explorer Portraits



The Social Studies books come with decks of cards. The teachers use them for all sorts of things. I like to use them for portraits. For fourth grade, we looked at the early CAlifornia Explorers. For fifth grade, they look at the explorers of the world. I have had the students use chalk pastel, colored pencil or marker for this lesson.

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They frame their portraits in interesting borders and use a name ribbon across the picture so that viewers know who the explorer is.


Student used the social studies cards for reference or they could find other images of their explorer.

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