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Jack Frost Portraits



Apparently, right now, I am into kids creating a background, making a second image or two then putting it all together.


This lesson came about because I was talking to my kids about Jack Frost. It got me to thinking who is he? Where did the idea come from?


Well, I did some research and found out that he likely originated from Norse fables. He is usually represented as an old man or a sprite or fairy.


I took this information to my 1-2 combo classes and told them to create their own version of Jack Frost.


Their reference was The Rise of the Guardians Movie and “Jack Frost nipping at their nose”. Here are a few of the images.


We used giant snowflake stamps on the blue paper for our backgrounds and our new crayola oil pastels! Man for an inexpensive student grade pastel, they are pretty creamy and easy to use.




Ice Skaters



It is always fun to do a project that kids ooh and ahh about. This was one of those. They seem to love when they lift up a paper and find an image they created underneath.


Unfortunately, the markers in the art cabinet were a little dry but we still had decent results.


They drew their winter scene on one half of the paper in marker then painted the bottom half with water, folded over and revealed a mirror image that looks like it may be a reflection in water. They created skaters to go on the pond.50980111

Persian Tile


I try to bring in lessons that celebrate some of the many cultures we have here in our community.


For this lesson, we looked at Persian tiles and talked a bit about the history.


I told the students they could imitate the tiles we looked at or they could be the tile designer and do their own thing.


Students could make their images symmetrical or not. They used oil pastel and permanent marker.



Crystal Cities in the style of Rob Dunlavy


Rob Dunlavy is a children’s book artist. Have you seen his Crystal Cities Rob Dunlavy just makes lines look magical! Some of his images remind me of the exterior of It’s a Small World at Disneyland.

Here is what he says about them: “Crystal Cities are whimsical explorations of the act of drawing and painting, line and color, atmosphere and narrative possibilities. At the moment, these are my “fine art”.


I had my second graders look at these amazing architecture images for our Archtober celebrations.


We just used marker. Some students really understood that we were “coloring in” with just lines.


Others wanted to color. 49147010

Gees Bend Quilts


At the end of the year, I often have loads of scrap paper. All shapes and sizes. This project was a perfect way to use up the scrap and introduce my second graders to the Gees Bend Quilters.


We looked at several examples around the web of the Gees Bend quilts. Souls Grown Deep has some good information and images as does the the Smithsonian Museum36631973.jpg

There are a lot of books about quilts and great picture books. You can turn them into arty “mathterpieces” adding all those cool fractions like whole, half, and quarters, eights, etc. 36631977.jpg

Here we just talked about pattern, symmetry and color.

36630823 (1).jpg

We of  course talked about how these quilters used whatever fabrics were  available to them just as we were using the paper available.


So fun to see what creativity can be had when resources are limited. I let the kids just take this where ever they wanted to. 36495861.jpg


Cityscape Silhouettes



I have a group of second graders who are the quickest artists in the entire school. They zip through every lesson I throw at them and always do a great job. They are also the first group I see for that grade level and are a great barometer for new lessons.


I know if they struggle, I need to change things up. I also know if they blast through something I need to find ways to slow them down. One afternoon, they zipped through a lesson really quickly.


I needed something for them to do so I just had them paint some paper. They used oil pastel and liquid watercolor and did it however they wanted to.


I told them we’d decide what to do later. The next time they finished fast, we added city silhouettes and air balloons to those backgrounds. I think they turned out pretty nice.