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Saint Nicholas


Grade one students are all about Santa Claus or St. Nicholas this time of year. We decided to honor the actual Saint in these drawings.


We learned a little bit about the history of Saint Nicholas and students drew these images in black staonal crayon then painted with tempera cake.

First Grade Owls


This lesson is always a hit! Students look at pictures of owls and create a portrait of an owl of their choice. It ties in with their owl unit in science where they dissect owl pellets and learn about owls.

Grade One students at my new school did not have chalk pastels available so we did these with oil pastel. They are still lovely. I always enjoy seeing the personalities of each owl come through.


Cherry Blossoms


In San Diego, we have a beautiful Japanese Friendship Garden. In the spring it is full of cherry blossoms. This lesson was created for my K-1 Combo classes but I have done it with other grades.

The students learned about the cherry blossom festival and the cherry trees in Washington D.C. and our own in Balboa Park. We looked at pictures of cherry blossoms and our local Japanese garden for inspiration.

Students painted a brown branch on blue paper. They dipped their fingers in pink and red paint to make small dots for the blossoms.