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Leaves with Lines



I wanted a simple lesson that tied in with lines and fall so we did these. Students looked at pictures of various fall leaves (hard to find in our area so we used images from the internet).


They drew a large leaf or several small ones with veins and stems.


The background was fragmented and filled in with lines and shapes in white pastel.


They painted with watercolor. 48945317.jpg

Texture Leaves Fall Trees


32873982 (1) 32873307

The K/1 students drew trees in crayon then used the texture plates today to create leaves for fall trees.



They first colored small squares of paper using the texture plates.


Once complete, they cut out leaf shapes. They then glued them onto their trees.

IMG_4330 IMG_4333

They could add grass , sky and other things if they wanted to but only a few did that. If I were to do this again, I think I would use colored paper rather than white.

32873874 32873328 (1)

I love how different they all turned out.

32873265 (1)