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Mingei Educator Preview



Last week, I was the proxy Craft Director for a day camp but I made time for the educator’s preview of the Eric Gronburg Experience that will be at the Mingei until March 12, 2017.


I love to take advantage of these opportunities to see art at a museum, hear a docent (in this case the curator) speak about the art, try a lesson and be able to bring it back to my students.


I enjoyed that he works with both clay and wood often incorporating the two together.


The education department demoed two lessons-one with air dry clay using the slab build method and a card stock animal based on his crows.





James Rizzi Valentines


36128312 36128472

I went to a CAEA Conference last fall and met fabulous art educators. One workshop I went to was on James Rizzi. The two women who taught the workshop were second grade educators who incorporate the arts into their classrooms on a regular basis. They truly are champions of the arts at their school and in their district. For their workshop, they showed different ways James Rizzi’s art style could be incorporated into various art projects.

Remembering that workshop and using James Rizzi as a springboard, this is how I adapted his work for a heart themed lesson.

36128304 (1) 36128509 (1)

My K/1 students looked at and discussed the work of James Rizzi. I demonstrated how to draw various Rizzi elements. They began with a large heart template and traced around it in black crayon.

IMG_5382 IMG_5383


Once the heart was drawn, students could fill the heart with any Rizzi style creature or pattern. The favorites were Rizzi’s “kissie fish” and his birds. Once they finished drawing, they filled in with bright tempera paints.