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First Grade Owls


This lesson is always a hit! Students look at pictures of owls and create a portrait of an owl of their choice. It ties in with their owl unit in science where they dissect owl pellets and learn about owls.

Grade One students at my new school did not have chalk pastels available so we did these with oil pastel. They are still lovely. I always enjoy seeing the personalities of each owl come through.


Desert Landscape



Most of the grade one classes study the rain forest when they study an ecosystem. This year, when I asked this class, what they knew about the rain forest, they said they were studying the desert.


I did a quick change up to this lesson. We pulled up images of the desert to look at.



Students used oil pastels for cactus to make it appear waxy and slightly shiny. They used chalk pastels for the background to give it a dusty dry feeling. They could add an animal if they chose to in whatever medium they chose. 39121338

Poppin’ Chalk Positive and Negative Space



I wish I could find the original lesson plan but I cannot I have been doing this one for a few years. It is quick, easy, looks pretty good and can be done with just about any die cut image and a box of chalk or chalk pastel.

I like to do this on black paper because the images pop off the page.

Students trace a heavy chalk line around the die cut template. They they could create their own. In this case, it was flowers and butterflies. I have done everything from heart to shamrocks to leaves. Leaving the template in place, they rub the chalk away from the template. They lift off the template and repeat. I encourage them to overlap shapes, go off the page and try different colors.

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