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Kumeyaay Ollas



The third grade learns about the history of our community. Part of that history includes the Native American tribes that lived here before anyone else.


They often take a field trip to the Kumeyaay Interpretive center and see a replica of an Ewaa, grind acorns, paint rocks and learn about the tools, food, lifestyle and culture of these people.


To complement the study of the Kumeyaay, students created these paper pots. We looked at images of Kumeyaay pottery, learned how it was made and then cut out our ollas from paper. I do not have a kiln, so we cannot easily do clay lessons.


We also looked at images of petroglyphs and petrographs from our county. We learned that most of the Kumeyaay pottery was not decorated but did have fire clouds from the Raku firing process they used. We also learned that Kumeyaay pottery is still being made today.


I allowed the students to use images from pictographs and petroglyphs to add more color to their pottery if they chose to. They glued their finished pots onto simple backgrounds when complete.


Southwest Images



The teachers in Grade 5 had asked me to do a South West lesson they had seen on the Artsonia website. I could not find the lesson so this is what I did with the grade five students.

38337864  38337949

Students looked at images from our Southwest National Parks-Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Canyon Lands, Arches, etc. Some students chose to replicate the images they saw, others took a more creative approach.

38337765 38337701

We talked about the landscape and the features they might want to include. They used black crayon to outline the images and filled in with chalk pastel. 38337920

Patriot Portraits


20141010_135523 (1)20141007_110808

A tri-fold project done by a student is where I got the idea for this lesson. In the hallway of our school is a tri-fold board with the word “patriot” on it. I see it every day as I leave the staff room.

32910174    32910628

For this lesson, students drew a self-portrait in chalk pastel as if they were an early American patriot or colonist.


Students in grade 5 learned about John Copley and Charles Peale both portrait artist during our country’s early years. The students looked at portraits by these artists as well as pictures of colonial clothing, hats and wigs.


We talked about the basics of facial proportion, eye shape, drawing hair, etc. Many of them have done self portraits with me in the past so it was review. For those who have not had me for art, I spent time as I could with them individually.