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Laurel Burch Cats


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For this lesson, my kindergarten students drew a cat and flowers in oil pastel and then painted over it with black water color.

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I like watercolor paintings to be bright and cheery so I take out the black and brown paint. I have a lot of black watercolor paint because I take it our of our paint trays.


This lesson allowed us to use up some of those black paint trays. The hardest part is getting kindergarten students to color hard enough that the water color resists the paints.


Cats in Hats



Years ago my friend Margaret named her Relay for Life team Cats in Hats. That name and the images of cats wearing hats stuck with me. A few months ago, I found an image of various cat heads with different kinds of hats on and this lesson was born.


For this lesson, my K/1 students looked at pictures of cat breeds so they could create cat portraits. They then added hats to their cats. They could choose any type of hat they wanted-crowns, top hats, baseball hats, etc. We used oil pastel.


Cats as a Hat or Chat-peau



I love to do yearly self portraits with students. I used to do the same self-portrait year after year with my students. I have found that it is much more fun to do them with a twist.

This lesson was created for my 1/2 combo class. It is based on a french cartoon I saw years ago that was a person wearing a “chat-peau”-a pun on the french word chat meaning cat combined with chapeau meaning hat. (Les chats que de la chapeaux.)


Students first drew a self portrait. We talked about facial features and proportion. They looked at images of cats. I showed them pictures of napping cats as well as cat breeds. We used oil pastel. We discussed blending and how to layer colors.

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