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Bubble Wrap Flowers Printing


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Bubble wrap printing has been around for a long time.My children have done bubble wrap prints for Miss Rumphius’ lupines. I have done snow with my students.

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These flowers are just one of many variations on bubble wrap printing.

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Students were given paint in red, white and blue. I showed them how to use the bubble wrap to print a flower shape. I showed them that if they dipped it in white first, then red, they would get pink, if we dipped it in red and printed then dipped it in blue, we get purple and so on.

They could make as many or as few flowers as they wanted to.


They could make them whatever color they wanted to. Color mixing was strongly encouraged.


When the flowers were complete, students were given green paint and a paintbrush to create leaves. I showed them how to “draw” into their paint (sgraffito) with the brush handle to make the veins in the leaves.

Giving Trees


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A project inspired by Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, the hundreds of paper tubes in my cupboards and a desire to change out the display in the glass case in the lobby.

The preschoolers painted the tubes brown. Then they stamped green paint on with bubble wrap (something else I have lots of). Once that was finished, they used their fingers to dot on apples.


I assembled them once they were dry. I used glue to hold the top of the tree to the trunk and used a stapler to hold the tree tops together.