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Oil Pastel Flowers



My Grade Two classes did these. They have a play that they do every year called “Going Buggy” This seemed like a good lesson to add to the bug lessons we have done in the past-bugs like plants after all.


I take out all the black pans from our watercolors to keep kids from painting every thing black because I do that, I try to find fun projects to do to use up the black paint.


Students were instructed to create either warm or cool colored flowers and then the centers were to be the opposite.


When finished, they painted black around the flowers.



Creepy Carrots



This lesson was done with First Grade and is based on the book Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds. The illustrator is Peter Brown and his imagery is where this lesson came from. That and many bags of scrap paper.

IMG_5930 IMG_5934

Students began by creating a creepy background with sharpie marker and black watercolor. While that was drying, they created three carrots with tops out of construction paper.


Students used scrap paper for the teeth and large hole punches (from the office-I have a giant bucket of punches)  for the eyes.


Details were drawn with permanent marker. Once the carrots were finished, they added them to their background with white glue.

IMG_5947  IMG_5945