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Kumeyaay Ollas



The third grade learns about the history of our community. Part of that history includes the Native American tribes that lived here before anyone else.


They often take a field trip to the Kumeyaay Interpretive center and see a replica of an Ewaa, grind acorns, paint rocks and learn about the tools, food, lifestyle and culture of these people.


To complement the study of the Kumeyaay, students created these paper pots. We looked at images of Kumeyaay pottery, learned how it was made and then cut out our ollas from paper. I do not have a kiln, so we cannot easily do clay lessons.


We also looked at images of petroglyphs and petrographs from our county. We learned that most of the Kumeyaay pottery was not decorated but did have fire clouds from the Raku firing process they used. We also learned that Kumeyaay pottery is still being made today.


I allowed the students to use images from pictographs and petroglyphs to add more color to their pottery if they chose to. They glued their finished pots onto simple backgrounds when complete.


Cityscape Silhouettes



I have a group of second graders who are the quickest artists in the entire school. They zip through every lesson I throw at them and always do a great job. They are also the first group I see for that grade level and are a great barometer for new lessons.


I know if they struggle, I need to change things up. I also know if they blast through something I need to find ways to slow them down. One afternoon, they zipped through a lesson really quickly.


I needed something for them to do so I just had them paint some paper. They used oil pastel and liquid watercolor and did it however they wanted to.


I told them we’d decide what to do later. The next time they finished fast, we added city silhouettes and air balloons to those backgrounds. I think they turned out pretty nice.


Wayne Thiebaud Images


23595589 23595675

Thiebaud is always a fun artist to study with his images of dessert.


For this lesson, students drew into presto-foam to create their dessert image. They used black ink and once dry, cut them out and placed them on a background of their choice.  I love the different colors and images they used for the backgrounds. The flag is a favorite. The student told me it was called “The United States of Dessert”.