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Crystal Cities in the style of Rob Dunlavy


Rob Dunlavy is a children’s book artist. Have you seen his Crystal Cities Rob Dunlavy just makes lines look magical! Some of his images remind me of the exterior of It’s a Small World at Disneyland.

Here is what he says about them: “Crystal Cities are whimsical explorations of the act of drawing and painting, line and color, atmosphere and narrative possibilities. At the moment, these are my “fine art”.


I had my second graders look at these amazing architecture images for our Archtober celebrations.


We just used marker. Some students really understood that we were “coloring in” with just lines.


Others wanted to color. 49147010

Victorian Houses



Years ago, my parents were members of Save Our Heritage Organization (SOHO), a group of individuals who work to preserve historic properties in our community.


My parents had a book called Images of American Architecture by Robert Miles Parker. they also have a lithograph by the artist. Those pieces were always favorites of mine.


Remembering the images drawn by  Miles Parker, I did this line drawing lesson with my students.


Students looked at line drawings and photographs of Victorian houses. We discussed architectural components and they created these images in pen.