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Printed Architecture




My kindergarten students looked at Rizzi buildings, took a second look at La Boca Houses and other interesting architecture.


They created these using Styrofoam printing plates, brayers, and ink.




Gold Rush Buildings



I love finding current working artists who can inspire my students. For this lesson, we looked at the work of illustrator Mateusz Urbanowicz. He is an illustrator, originally from Poland, who lives and works in Japan. He has great videos of him actually drawing his “Tokyo Storefronts” series so the students and I looked at one together.


The students had lots of great questions and loved watching the artist work. For this lesson, I allowed them to use pencil and make a sketch before inking.


Normally, pencil sketches are not allowed for art because of time constraints. We have a “no mistakes in art” rule so any mark you make on your paper is not a mistake and can be turned into something. I think it forces them to trust themselves and think about creative solutions to a mark they decide they do not want.


These images were created in the style of Mateusz Urbanowicz but took on a Social Studies twist when we talked about businesses that existed during the Gold Rush. They created their images of buildings as if they could have been part of a Gold Rush town.

Reflective Architecture



This month is Archtober and our city celebrates architecture through various activities at local venues. I wanted to bring that idea into the classroom so we did this lesson.


For this lesson third grade students created sky and water backgrounds using watered down tempera. They then drew buildings into presto foam and created a print. When the print was done, they folded the paper to create a ghost print.




Victorian Houses



Years ago, my parents were members of Save Our Heritage Organization (SOHO), a group of individuals who work to preserve historic properties in our community.


My parents had a book called Images of American Architecture by Robert Miles Parker. they also have a lithograph by the artist. Those pieces were always favorites of mine.


Remembering the images drawn by  Miles Parker, I did this line drawing lesson with my students.


Students looked at line drawings and photographs of Victorian houses. We discussed architectural components and they created these images in pen.


Awesome Architecture



Another lesson I saw in Arts and Activities Magazine and adapted to fit a shorter lesson period. Here is a link to the “It Works!” page http://www.artsandactivities.com/Itworks75.html


5352217  5352243

Students create a quick watercolor wash background. They look at world architecture and create their own building.

Once that is complete, they cut out the building. I encouraged them to have window cut outs or door cut outs so that the watercolor background could be seen through the doors or windows. They glue the cut out building onto the background.