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Apple Still Life



I did these apples with my K/1 combo class.


I showed them how to draw apples in a bowl, on a table, in a footed bowl and they could do them however they chose to.


We drew them with black crayon and filled in with paint.


One mom told me her child loved it so much he kept drawing apples in bowls.


I think they are a lot of fun.





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I subbed in a friend’s second grade class today and on the lesson plans, she wrote (for one of the afternoon options): “Math games or one of your amazing art lessons”.


I thought about what art lesson I could do with them. I figured apples were pretty typical for a fall art project and created this lesson. It took the kids about 45 minutes.

20150908_134015 20150908_133923

We did a directed drawing of a whole apple then an apple that had been eaten.

20150908_131951 20150908_131940

They went over the pencil in sharpie. Then they painted.

20150908_131929 20150908_131944

They had the option of using white crayon to make designs before painting. We then glued both images to black paper.


Giving Trees


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A project inspired by Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, the hundreds of paper tubes in my cupboards and a desire to change out the display in the glass case in the lobby.

The preschoolers painted the tubes brown. Then they stamped green paint on with bubble wrap (something else I have lots of). Once that was finished, they used their fingers to dot on apples.


I assembled them once they were dry. I used glue to hold the top of the tree to the trunk and used a stapler to hold the tree tops together.