San Diego has a surprisingly large array of art activities and galleries. A great resource for finding art happenings in San Diego can be found here:

Here are a few of my favorites:

Carlsbad Art Splash-Typically happens in late September-food, art, chalk artists, music! Funds raised from this very family friendly event helps support music and art in schools. It did not happen in 2016, not sure why.

Art Walk NTC Great place to purchase art and be inspired by working artists, has a kid’s section:

Lity Italy Festa-Wonderful chalk art, music, food, activities,celebrating the Italian Culture. Always in October around Columbus Day: FESTA 

San Diego Festival of the Arts (La Jolla Art Festival): Fine art, entertainment and food:

Friday Night Liberty Station: The first Friday of each month, studios, shops and museums are open from 5-8.

Art on 30th is new as of 2015  From their website: “Art on 30th was the vision of Kate Ashton in 2013 and officially opened its doors in January 2015.  Ashton wanted a venue that honored the artists she mentored, a space that would be inspiring not only to work in, but for all who visit.”



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