I began teaching elementary art projects when I was 12 years old and taught a group of 3rd graders how to decorate metal lids for glass jars with bread dough. I was a volunteer for many years in my children’s classrooms and did art there as well.

I have a BA in art with a graphic design emphasis. After the company I worked for downsized, I went back to school and got my K-8 teaching credential with art supplement for grades 9 and below.

I stopped teaching shortly after getting my credential to stay home with my children. Once they were all in school, I began teaching art part time. I use this blog as a way for me to remember the art lessons I have done with students and anything else that helps me on my art teaching journey.

I tell my students that there are no mistakes in art. I have a huge poster that says that on my wall. The only mistake you can make is not signing your name. I like having a balance between art as a process and something that looks “good” hanging in the hallway. Not every project I do is successful but those lessons allow me to re-assess and do something different next time.



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