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Miniature Accordion Books


Over the summer, I connected a lot with fellow art teachers through my membership in the California Art Educator’s Association. We had Zoom happy hours, book clubs and workshops. It was really a nice way to learn and have fun while we were all stuck at home.

One of my favorite activities was shared with us from one of our members who teaches college. She sent us each a small package with the makings for a tiny accordion book. They were so much fun that I made about ten to share with my family and friends. She sent us chipboard, but I used a cut up cardboard box for the ones I did later and they came out pretty nice. The chipboard is more rigid than corrugated cardboard. I also used decorative tape as I did not have any book cloth. That also worked okay but I have since purchased a roll of bookcloth to do this with my own students. I suppose you could use book tape as well.

Here are the measurements we used:

2 chipboard covers 1.5″ x 2″ each

1 chipboard spine 2″ x .5″

1 piece of book cloth  4.5″ x 2″

2 decorated papers for covers 2.75″ x 2″

1 watercolor paper piece for pages 1.75″ x 22″

White glue, scissors, bone folder or butter knife, rubber band or ribbon

They were so popular that I noticed several art teachers have incorporated them in their projects for their students this year.

For this little book, I chose some travel photos out of a magazine and did not close the spine. Instead, I folded the accordion a little smaller and made more of a flag book.

This one I closed with a bit of ribbon. It seems that the books need a ribbon or rubber band to stay fully closed.