Monthly Archives: November 2019

Carla’s Sandwich


I am always looking for fun books that I can link an art lesson to. For this lesson, my students heard the story Carla’s Sandwich by Debbie Herman. It is a cute book about a girl who brings unusual sandwiches to school.  I found this story on Storyline Online (one of my favorite resources for picture books). The students can listen to the story read by an actor which is always fun. 


We talked about things you could put on a sandwich, as well as the recipe book that is available on Flashlight Press. I demonstrated how to draw different things on the board, we talked about foreground, middle ground, background, and overlapping and they made their own amazing sandwich creations.


My students loved it. They created their art with flair markers and crayon because our tempera cakes have not arrived yet. Hopefully those will show up soon!