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Arts Empower MEGA Arts Conference


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This is one of my favorite VAPA events every year. This was year seven!  


The day started with a keynote speaker, Jonathon Glus. We moved into our plenary sessions for Visual Arts it was a lecture on culturally relevant lesson plans. 


For my first workshop, I originally chose the Saving Coral Reefs workshop but realized it was similar to one I attended before so I gave my spot to another teacher and went to the puppetry workshop with Lynne Jennings from the San Diego Puppetry Guild. 


Then we had lunch and they had a fun display of sticky notes with why VAPA is important.


At lunch there was a Tweet and Eat workshop that I attended because I always enjoy seeing Pauline Crooks our SDCOE VAPA coordinator.


After lunch was my session on Integrating Visual arts and I shared a lot of the lessons I do with my students.


Many of which I have shared on here like Shadow Puppets  Miner Portraits and   Whirlygigs

The teachers and I discussed other projects then they made a Before and After Book.


I then attended the Draw All You Can Workshop. It is a project created by Hiep Nguyen that uses a set of cards to help facilitate creative drawings in groups.


After the workshops, Betrands Music sponsored a networking session at Panama 66. It was a nice way to end the day talking with other arts teachers.