Art Club Paper Marbling


Part of my job as the K-8 Art Teacher is to facilitate the middle school art club on Fridays. I am always trying to come up with fun ways to create arts or crafts that we may not do in class.

I found a carton of liquid watercolor in the storage cabinet and knew this would be fun for them.

I started with small plastic trays that are shallow and about 9×12. I got them from a grocery store. I demonstrated how to spray the shaving cream into the trays and smooth it out.  I was gifted some long pipettes from a lab that went out of business so we used those in the tall jars of paint. We used a wooden craft stick to smooth out the cream and then dropped color onto the foam.

In the past we have made our own marbling rakes and combs with toothpicks and cardboard. Today as we were short on time, we used pick combs and wooden skewers. After they laid the paper in the trays, they scraped the cream off into the trash with used gift cards. The prints are basically dry at this point but you want to leave them a bit if you are using more absorbent paper.

We tried to keep our trays separated by warm and cool tones but by the end, most trays were mixed up colorful and messy. We scraped the bulk of the cream into the trash can and rinsed out the trays.

Each student pulled about six or eight sheets in our forty minute club time.  My art club students had a great time with this project.

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