#DSESRocks Family Art Night



My College buddy Ali runs a Children’s Art Foundation in the Central Valley. A few months ago, she posted an art project she was doing in her area #805Rocks. I knew it would be really fun for our Family Art Night.


I started looking in my yard for rocks but realized that it would be a huge task to dig up and wash a hundred rocks. I do have a rocky yard but whew digging and washing and sorting rocks AND planning for art night was just a little too big of a job! I opted for buying a bag of white rocks for about $13 from Home Depot.


I already had acrylic paint, a few paints pens, and some sharpies from past projects so I just had to buy some inexpensive paint brushes.


It was a lot of fun. We ended up having such a huge turn out that we ran out of rocks. A couple of teachers, the principal and I all looked around the school yard but there were few to be had. I suppose it might be a good idea in the future if I ask our PTA to do an interest survey to make sure we have enough supplies.


I look forward to seeing the posts with the hashtag on social media. I also hope the families paint and plant their own rocks in  our community.

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