Super Hero Day Camp


20170814_092310 (1)Last Spring, our librarian asked if I wanted to help her with Super Hero Camp. She has done the camp with different helpers for a couple of years. I of course agreed. What a treat to spend a week with some of my smARTest artists!


I primarily did crafts and she did reading and language arts activities. With her, they made accordion alphabet books, did crossword puzzles, described the inside characteristics and outside characteristics of superheroes and much more.

With me, they made parts for their costumes: cape, shield, gauntlets & masks.

20170817_111751 (1)20170817_111800 (1)

They drew themselves and split it in half to add their super hero side.


They made marshmallow launchers with plastic cups and balloons which we launched in a variety of ways. We talked about the science of launching the object and what happens when we pulled hard or gently. What happens when there is more than one marshmallow, which team could launch the most into a target, etc.


We blew bubbles on the playground so they could practice their superhero breath. Bubble and kids-whats not to love? They even got rid of kryptonite-using ping pong balls and spoons, with relay races to move the balls from one end of the team to the other.

I taught them camp songs which I changed the words to so they were superhero themed. They were split into two group for rotations so each team created a cheer with motions. They made superheroes and side kicks out of clothespins and vehicles from recyclables.

20170818_12012720170818_115243 (1)

My favorite was their creations out of recyclables. They made super hero vehicles. SO creative!

20170817_11243920170817_112353 (1)

This team made space for their clothespin character.

20170817_112327 (1)20170817_112302 (1)

Loved the flames and the ball turret underneath this one.


Our Friday finale was a parade to the preschool classroom. They put on all their gear and we walked over to the preschool and through the preschool class. So much fun.

I was so busy that I forgot to take my usual pile of photos. What a fun week. I hope to do it again next year.

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