Student Murals


In January 2015, I did a workshop for teachers with Hiep Nguyen. He has an organization called Circle Painitng. I had seen his work on the internet for a few years and loved it. Then I saw him at an art educator’s conference and he was offering a workshop for teachers. I signed up and had a great time meeting other educators, learning his techniques, hearing his philosophy, and of course making art. The class was really a game changer for me. I realized I could do murals with my students.


Since then, we’ve done several murals. Our Circle Paintings were done as a Family Art Night. There are four sections of paper. They hang in our stairwells.


This “What Lifts You” Mural based on the work of Kelsey Montague was finished in the Fall.

Thanks to Hiep’s workshop, I use roofing paper as our substrate. It’s relatively inexpensive, flame retardant and can be removed fairly easily. Our custodian just staples it to the wall for us. If the murals need to be removed for any reason, they can easily be take down without a lot of wall damage and of course no need to re-paint.


This morning, our custodian installed our “We are all the colors of the earth” mural that my student volunteers completed this week. I hope the kids are excited on Monday to see their mural on the wall!


Our awesome custodian had me meet him early Saturday morning to hang the work. I told him he for sure needed to flip over his Compassion It bracelet!


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