Jack Frost Portraits



Apparently, right now, I am into kids creating a background, making a second image or two then putting it all together.


This lesson came about because I was talking to my kids about Jack Frost. It got me to thinking who is he? Where did the idea come from?


Well, I did some research and found out that he likely originated from Norse fables. He is usually represented as an old man or a sprite or fairy.


I took this information to my 1-2 combo classes and told them to create their own version of Jack Frost.


Their reference was The Rise of the Guardians Movie and “Jack Frost nipping at their nose”. Here are a few of the images.


We used giant snowflake stamps on the blue paper for our backgrounds and our new crayola oil pastels! Man for an inexpensive student grade pastel, they are pretty creamy and easy to use.



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