Printing with Blocks


50093206I recently attended the Mingei Museum’s Educator Open House. They often have leftover art supplies that they give out. Pretty much anything you can carry out of that room can be yours. I have oodles of supplies so I only took a few items. One of which was a bag of foam blocks.


There were not enough for a class set but I was able to cut them in half with my ceramic knife and supplement the project with old math manipulatives.

The preschool students and I talked about all the shapes, we named them, we looked at them, we talked about how some shapes fit into other shapes.


It was a fun discussion. They were given plates of paint with only one color and a few blocks. My tables fit 8 students so we used primary colors plus green. Students always share supplies in my class which helps me keep my supply budget low.

Students stamped as many of the shape in one color as they wanted to then we rotated the plates until every color had been used. art


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