MEGA Arts Conference 2016



I have had the honor of being a workshop presenter for the last three years at the MEGA Arts Conference.


This year, I demonstrated plaster cast coins. As with anything where a location donates their resources, there are last minute changes. My workshop was moved from a location with a tile floor and a sink to a room that had carpet and no sink. Yikes!


The staff at the Museum of Man was amazing and helpful and brought water in pitchers so we could mix plaster and we put a table outside to prevent plaster spills on the carpet.


Because of the change, I quickly made signs for the plaster area so that people who left their lesson plan inside could easily mix and pour the plaster on their own.


I was excited to see one of my master teachers at my workshop as well as Innocente, who was the focus of a documentary a few years ago.


Finished coins look similar to this one. For this workshop, attendees could leave their coins on the table and come back when they were dry-about an hour or so. They could then paint them on their own.

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