Monthly Archives: September 2016

Funny Faces


I saw this cool image on the Denver Art museum website. 14361182_10154522159209042_7833479201236351630_o.jpg

Not sure who the artist is but it was the inspiration for a lesson with my 1/2 combo classes.

Here is what they created after we talked about how we might imitate it.

I love how different they all were.



Crazy Socks


48213821.jpgOur first lesson back is always an easy one and I try to do something fun with lines for my students. These were from my fourth graders.


A few months ago, I saw an image on an advertising postcard for Blessed Wedding Photography. It was of a bride and groom’s feet. The man had brown shoes, blue pants and funky socks. The bride had blue shoes. It was a cool image and I put it up on my bulletin board.


Fast forward to last week and me looking around to put a new spin on the same old line lessons…


Kind of a fun way to look at lines, by creating pictures of feet and shoes. I love how they all put their own spin on it.