Technology Goddesses


This is my 8th year volunteering with Technology Goddesses Day Camp . I have done many different volunteer positions at camp over the years. About 3 summers ago, I started helping with crafts and have been there ever since.

This year the volunteer who is the craft director was not able to be at camp until the last day so I stepped in to help lead. We usually do basic camp type crafts in the theme of the day-motion, color, getting to know you, etc. This year we added circuits and magnetic throwies to the mix. It was really a lot of fun.


Kumihimo weaving disks. Some of the older girls used conductive yarn and added it to circuit projects.


Learning about circuits day 2. Day one, they made battery holders and tested those on samples. On day 2, they created different paths using copper tape and these templates.


Senior Crowns-we have a little tradition that I started a few years ago of crowning the graduating seniors. This year, the decorators went all out with washi tape, stickers, and illustrations.



Pom pom launchers-cut pool noodles, balloons, and pom poms so much fun!

20160804_124735 (1).jpg

Painting with Spheros-round robots controlled by apps created on a phone or tablet.


This was a great little mosaic craft created by a camper earning her Girl Scout Silver Award. Her camp name is Mermaid so we called it Mermaid’s Magical Mosaic. She is an amazing young woman who learned all about Niki de St. Phalle, Niki’s mosaics, and Queen Calafia’s Garden. Her project was to teach others art appreciation, bring awareness to preserving public art, and to teach children about Niki’s work. She did an absolutely fantastic job and the campers LOVED this project.It would be cool to do in my own classroom.


Shrink plastic SWAPS

Well, that’s all for this year’s Technology Goddesses  crafts. As we said at roll call on the last day of camp, “We’ll be buffering until 2017”.

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  1. Kumihimo weaving disks!! I’ve been trying to remember what those were called! My lil sis (also an art teacher) showed me that forever ago. Thanks for sharing. This all looks awesome

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