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Birds in the Style of Brian Wildsmith


I love the art of Brian Wildsmith and thought it would be a great inspiration for a kindergarten lesson.

We used painted paper for the birds. I showed the students how to draw an ice cream cone on the back of the painted paper for the bird body. They then cut wings, heads and beaks from the scraps. They glued the birds onto a background of grass then used found objects to print the flowers.

Ice Fishing Cabins


I saw an art piece from a school in Wisconsin and thought it would be a fun lesson to do with my third grade students. That blog post is here: Artistic Freedom

We did it a little differently because we only have one hour for lessons and I do not store art because I teach 700+ students over a 6 day period.

Students did a quick paint of the background using watered down tempera for the blue and black watercolor for the night sky. they could add stars or water lines if they chose to.


They created the fish, huts, and any additional items using scrap construction paper. Our staff work room has a huge box for art scraps. Teachers put the end bits from the die cut machine or off prints from the riso as well as other things that could be used for art. That bin gives us loads of paper scraps for projects like this. 44348754.jpg

I love how this student made a school of fish and a treasure chest. Super creative!44306355.jpg

Look at that big fat worm on the fish hook and all the plants on the bottom of the lake!

Year of the Monkey: Sock Monkey



For Chinese New Year, we did a lot of Monkeys. This is what the Kindergarten students created.


I brought in a few sock monkeys and we looked at others on the internet.


We started with a guided drawing in black crayon and they painted them however they wanted to.


Not bad for a 30 minute lesson!