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Winter Hats


12391882_10153798666314042_3784088536940716173_n.jpgOne of the TK teacher’s asked for something she could put on her bulletin board for January.

At this point, I was just about “snowmanned” out so I came up with this simple self portrait with a winter hat. I used it for both our TK and Preschool students. I think they did a terrific job and it is perfect for a January bulletin board.


I did a simple and quick directed drawing of  the eyes and forehead. I demonstrated a couple of shape options for the brim and hat and they did the rest. Students were encouraged to put lots of color and pattern into their hats. 12348112_10153798662094042_1986230226095548218_n.jpg

Winter Collage


This was a fun project for my fifth grade students.12360032_10153791384564042_7914368307823449317_n.jpg They love the autonomy of creating things that are their own design. I just gave them some parameters-must be winter, use the supplies given and here is the paper substrate. They created these winter collages of their own design.


I think they are really lovely. One of the teachers sent them home as a winter gift for their parents. She just added a bow to the top.


Winter Trees



I have seen many variations on winter trees and this is what I did with grade 4.

12278973_10153740449439042_4173228975799446694_n 11209558_10153740449249042_315220448462067338_n

I demo’ed how to create different backgrounds-gradated colors, blended colors, tints and shades.


They painted a background of their choice in tempera. Once they were finished, I demo’ed different types of winter trees.


Then they added trees to their backgrounds. 

Cardinal Collage



My K students are a lovely creative bunch! I like to give them lots of opportunities to use scissors.

12311080_10153770069274042_8364848682743195779_n 12342549_10153770069309042_1499792823947737138_n

We did these cardinals last week. One of the aides, helped draw a half circle on some scrap red paper I had. I gave them additional pieces of black, yellow and red.

They drew the branch in oil pastel, added the collage with some direction from me and then added dots of paint with a q-tip.

I love the vibrant red on the blue paper.


Winter Birch Trees


12345436_10153777463694042_4560674677897533440_n   12345606_10153777463779042_5609731960467701295_n

Another old lesson that I updated for my new school. I did this originally about 7 years ago with my daughter’s 4th grade class. I think I originally saw it in Arts and Activities Magazine.

12342496_10153777463744042_7801079490388962416_n   12316589_10153777463814042_3219812373436255109_n

I did this lesson with 5th grade. Changed the medium to water color and marker, added a resist option. Students could do a blue sky, sunset sky or aurora borealis sky. I think they are pretty good.