Monthly Archives: November 2015

Watercolor Turkeys



One of the K teachers asked me to do turkeys in watercolor. I had the students do a guided drawing in oil pastel.

12208630_10153719041694042_6583290032570313248_n  11201169_10153719041774042_5668419671697785151_n

They could make the turkey traditional or colorful. They could add pattern to the feathers and turkey.

Then they painted them with liquid watercolor.


A Day of Remembrance, Veteran’s Day



For my 5th graders, I usually do a Jasper Johns flag lesson around Veteran’s Day. This year I¬†changed it up a little. We discussed the history of Veteran’s Day.

We looked at the work of Jasper Johns. Then we discussed what kinds of images related to Remembrance Day and Veteran’s Day.

12208397_10153713995464042_8772930676530431289_n 12042665_10153713995524042_8418225927832872956_n

They created these images in tempera paint.