Nichos for Dia del los Muertos



In September, I went to the Barrio Art Crawl. At one of the galleries, an artist had created Nichos out of Altoids tins. She had placed them on several altars. They were really beautiful with loads of glitter, family pictures and little items that represented the family member.


I knew I wanted to do something like that with my 4th graders. I requested boxes be donated but only a few came into the art room. I did have a large supply of card stock that had been picked up from an HP donation day so the students had to engineer their own boxes.


First we made the box by cutting and folding the cardstock. I gave each student an images of a famous artists and one of their famous paintings. They added the images and decorated how they chose to.  They used little items like marigold flowers, beads, fabric, etc.

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