Plaster Casting



Fourth graders started with a blob of homemade playdough on a small square of brown paper bag. I tinted it to be able to see the difference between the plaster and the playdough.

IMG_6048 IMG_6047

The student flattened their blob to make a coin shape. Modeling clay and purchased playdough can also be used. One student is allergic to playdough so that child used modeling clay.

They pressed various items into it to make an impression. Baskets, forks, blocks, shells and other objects to give it texture. Once complete, they dusted the dough with a thin layer of cornstarch.


They then created a dam with cereal cardboard. Teachers mixed and poured plaster of paris into the mold. Once dry, the cardboard and playdough was removed. Students will paint the disks next class period.

IMG_6054 IMG_6052

Some of the playdough that stuck was removed with a plastic fork and/or a stiff brush.


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