Grade 3 Koinobori fish



Nothing says sub shortage or Monday better than an impromptu buddy art lesson: 30 kinders and 28 third graders in the art room creating mixed media koinobori fish.


This was a desperation lesson. I needed something simple and quick that the kids could do together while they found a sub for the Kindergarten class. It turned out that I just ended up doing the lesson with the entire third grade throughout the day and they loved it.


We used 12 x 18 construction paper folded in half. They drew a fish shape on one side of the paper. They cut it out then opened it to decorate with oil pastel. They painted with water color, glued it along the seam. I showed them how to add the cereal box cardboard in the mouth openings-most did it without assistance. Amazingly, we did complete this in our 60 minute time slot. Whew!


The next group was hilarious, “Mrs. N., don’t you have any music besides this opera stuff (it was classical btw).”


Another child said, “Yeah like Uptown Funk!”  Well, I actually did have music like that. So we put on Uptown Funk (the “G” rated version) and nearly every one of them started singing. It was really fun.



I installed our school of fish across from our library. It was beautiful.


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