Colonial Whirligigs



Fifth grade students learn much about the colonial and revolutionary period of America. For this lesson, I focused on Colonial toys. I showed them several different kinds of toys. The ball and cup was easily recognized though they all thought it was a strange looking kendama.


We used donated cardboard floor covering, paint and string. I also used wax paper squares to lay the art on while it dried.


I gave each student a plastic lid and a square of cardboard. They painted whatever they wanted onto the circle. They could divide it into fractions, paint famous art, paint colors that would blend together, paint patterns, etc.

IMG_5681 IMG_5680

Once painted, they poked holes in the centers with a hammer and nail and threaded string through the holes, tying the string together. Once the string is attached, they spin the disk by twisting up the string and then releasing it. There are a lot of sites with colonial games you can make just search for them.

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