Tint and Shade Hearts



I found this lesson on Artsonia. It looked beautiful but when I read the lesson plan, it said three 60 minute sessions. I rarely do extended projects because I do not have room to store them so I modified it.

36473408 (1)


I was able to do this lesson in one 60 minute session. The students used 9×12 black construction paper. I have paper heart templates they could use or they could draw their own. I showed them some images of Jim Dine’s work and discussed the artist. We reviewed tints and shades then we jumped right into the coloring of the heart.

36473394 (1)

They first drew a large heart in white oil pastel in the center of their paper. They used a ruler as a straight edge to divide the heart and the background into segments.


For each heart section, they colored in a little more than half using a bright oil pastel. They colored the other half of the section white then blended where they met in the middle creating a tint.


For the shades, they used the same method replacing the white oil pastel with a black oil pastel. I encouraged them to use black closer to the heart so that the image would pop off the page.

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