Color, Sew and Bead Valentines


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There is one preschool group that I am quite fond of. Last year, they were my “p.m. 3’s” and there were just 9 of them so we had a lot of fun doing completely different lessons than I typically do with preschool. This year, they are the “p.m. 4’s” and while they have added 7 students, the small class size allows me to do projects that require more prep work like this one.


All of my preschool classes come with parent helpers, their classroom teacher and the classroom aide. It is pure bliss from my perspective. Lots of extra helpers with these littlest artists make things run so much more smoothly! Our parent helpers are encouraged to work at a table that does not have their child at it so the art can be more authentically preschool.


For this lesson, I cut out hearts from cardstock and punched 6-8 holes around the edge of the heart. I threaded the needles with yarn, tying the yarn to the eye and then taped the free end to the back or tied the free end to a hole.

IMG_5406   IMG_5409

Students colored the hearts with crayon. Many of them already use the sewing cards in their classroom so this was not all that difficult. For those who were not familiar with sewing, I did show them how to send the needle in and out of the holes. I also showed them how to add beads to their yarn reminding them that the yarn must be on top of the heart when beading for best results.

IMG_5408 IMG_5413

Once they had sewn and beaded to their satisfaction, an adult taped the free end to the back of the heart.

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