Britto Hearts


Last year, I had the grade one and two combo class students look at the work of Romero Britto. We talked about the artist and they used tempera paint to create bold and colorful hearts. When they finished, they could add black to create outlines.

28736255 28736280

This year, I had all the first grade classes do the lesson. We looked at artwork by Romero Britto and discussed the images. Then the students got to work.

36244761 36244651

I asked them to draw a large heart or two then paint. I had templates they could use or they could draw their own.

IMG_5369 IMG_5370


After they drew the heart, they fractured the background to create areas to paint.

What we learned in the first class was that those who used thin paint layers and quickly covered the paper in color were able to complete the lesson in our 40 minute slot. After the paper had color, they could easily add patterns and details. One student commented that they looked like quilts. I love when they make connections like that!

36244500 36244494


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